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Some colors are distinctly associated with a particular location or place, while others give a sense of time or period. Color affects us psychologically and physically, so let’s use it as a strong device for your stories. The equipment we have and our experience allow us to make the most of your video files at any capture quality (camera raw, 422 HQ LOG, drone .mp4, reflex DSLR).


High Dinamic Range is the standard for streaming content on Netflix and Amazon Prime. This streaming system gives us smooth and realistic detail in the shadows. At last hard lights will no longer be a problem with the detail and smooth gradients delivered through this system. HDR is already the standard on ALL TVs on the market.


Looking for a film mastering supplier? No problem, we also provide final postproduction services as:  Color Room testing, DCP Professional 2K & 4K, Professional exports for social networks, Sound Mastering for Blu-ray and Cinema deliveries (Dolby Digital+, TrueHD, DTS-HD Master Audio) and Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 for Home Theatre.

Color Grading & HDR Mastering

Joan Roig is a Spanish Photo Retoucher and Colourist. He’s also the founder of From 2009 works as a LinkedIn Learning trainer and Digital Retouching and 3D Master Director in Idep Barcelona since 2019 and nowadays in Basad Design. He’s from Campos (Mallorca) and lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

Joan’s work is primary focused on the color narrative and how to help the directors to create/develop more immersive looks in their films. Since many years he had the opportunity to collaborate with award winning photographers & filmmakers for example Namuss Films, Pep Bonet, Fabio Bucciarelli, Guillem Valle, Manu Brabo, Fernando Moleres, Joan Morey, Diego Ibarra and many others.

He usually works with Brands or NGO such Iberostar, Acciona, LinkedIn, Samsung, National Geographic, We’re Water Foundation, MSF, Unicef,.. His retouch images and colorgrading films has been published and streamd in New York Times (USA), CNN (USA), Washington Post (USA), Al-Jazeera (Qatar), Stern (GERMANY), Newsweek (UK & Japan), Corriere de la Sera (Italy), and many specialized sites.

Its clients have obtained prestigious awards as 3 World Press Photo, Multiple Picture of the Year (POY and POY LATAM), Eugene Smith Grant, Premi Ciutat de Barcelona Arts Visuals, DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards, Photoespaña Best book, Sancandido-Innichen Adventure Outdoor International Film Fest, San Sebastián International Film Festival, Getty Reportage Grant,…

Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival (Alemania) 2018 · San Sebastián International Film Festival 2015 (España) · Queen Palm International Film Festival (Estados Unidos) 2018 · Blue Gold Intl Film Festival (Italia) 2018 · Ciudad de Barcelona de Artes Visuales 2017 (España) · Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Video del Condado de Marin (Estados Unidos) 2018 · Festival de cine de la Almunia 2019 (España)· Festival VI Premios Pávez (España) · Festival nacional de cotrometrajes Talavera de la Reina (España) 2019 · Festival de las Naciones (Austria) 2019 · Festival Cine y Televisión Reino de León (España) 2019 · Festival Internacional de Cine de Naturaleza Gödöllö (Hungría) 2019 · Festival Internacional de Cine del Medio Ambiente de Zaragoza (España) 2019 · Festival de Fim Insolite de Rennes de Château (Francia) · Social Impact Media Awards (Estados Unidos) · Certamen Corto Joven Decortoán (España) · Evolutionary Film Festival en el Evolution Film Festival en Mallorca (España)  2018 · Premios Fugaz (España) · Festival de Lahore Eurasia (Pakistán) · Medimed (España) · The Sancandido-Innichen Adventure Outdoor International Film Fest 2015 (Italia) · Festival du Film de Montagne d’Autrans 2015 (Francia) · Spotkania Zakopane Mountain Film Festival 2015 (Polonia) · Trento Film Festival 2016 (Italia) · InkaFest Mountain Film Festival 2015 (Peru) · Festival Gorniskega