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With the boom of streaming, there is a rising demand of realistic surround sound mixing that can be delivered through earphones. We offer a specialized range of mixing services to carry beyond the in-earphones sound listening experience of your film or audiovisual piece. From a Binaural mix to expand the stereo possibilities of your project, or a spatialized 8D audio experience using the Dolby Atmos technology.


Enhance. Impact. Connect.

Bring your visual content to life with creative editing and sound design. We will help you to enhance the user experience and perception through the powerful combination of exclusive sound editing for your project, together with the necessary sound design that will enhance the emotive connection between your work and your audience.


As Film Artisans, we consider sound mixing an Art. Bring us your project and we won’t rest until we achieve the right balance between audio technique and sound narrative. We can deliver professional film industry stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 sound mixes at an affordable price and – of course – all the care and love that you project deserves.

Sound Designer, Editor & 8D Audio Services

José Bautista is a Spanish Multimedia Producer & Film Editor, Composer, Sound Artist / Designer & Documentary Filmmaker. He’s also the founder of KanseiSounds and Altamar Films co-founder. From 2019 works with NOOR agency & PhotoEspaña Institution as Education Multimedia Partner. Lives and works in Madrid, Spain.

Jose’s work is primary focused on how the still and motion visuals fits the musical and sound development in order to create a unique audiovisual language. Since many years he had the opportunity to collaborate with award winning photographers & filmmakers around the world, for example Carl de Keyzer, Georgui Pinkhassov, Cristina de Middel, Pep Bonet, Alvaro Laiz, Aitor Lara, Cristina García Rodero, Francesco Zizzola, Yuri Kozyrev, Todd Hido, and many others.

He usually works with agencies such NOOR, Magnum Photos, Eyes in Progress, MSF, UNICEF, Russian Reporter Magazine, RIA Novosti, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), Déclaration de Berne (DB). His audiovisual work has been published and streamd in TIME Magazine (USA), Le Monde (France), El Mundo (Spain), El País (Spain), Rolling Stone Magazine (USA), The Guardian (UK), Internazionale (Italy), Politiken (Denmark), and many specialized sites. His work for photographers & filmmakers have been exhibited in principal festivals of photography, such LOOK3 in New York , Photoespaña in Madrid, Festival of Arles and Visa Pour Le Image in France, Tbilisi photo festival in Georgia, Athens Photo Festival in Greece, European Photo Festival in Berlin, Germany, Fotografia Europea, Italy, DOK Leipzig in Germany.

His work of sound & video art has been exhibited in galleries in Spain, Japan, Moscow, France and England. He also directed 3 documentary films, “Break In” in 2016, “The Sleeping Land” in 2017 and “The silence of war, Damascus” in 2019.

His audiovisual awards include 4 World Press Photo Storytelling Contest Awards, First Prize Multimedia Award in Prix Bayeux de Calvados, First Prize Multimedia Award in POYi, Offical Selection of Experimental Film at DOK Leipzig International Festival, First Prize Award at Sound & Image Challenge International Festival, Best Editing First Award in SIMA awards, First Prize Award in LENS Culture Multimedia and First Award in VISA Pour l’Image Web documentary.

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